Facebook 2010 Assignment

No, this is not a retelling of the GREAT and POWERFUL social networking portal known as Facebook but rather a humble project the new Center for Cartoon Studies students take on. Every fall, while they are still getting eight hours of sleep, the students must write a bio and draw a self-portrait which is then turned into a two-color screen print. These pages are then bound together to create a cartoonist yearbook! (Cover above: Katie Moody, Below: Mia Onorato)

Screen printing is a challenge for many reasons, some of the students come to the school with little fine art experience and many are not used to the meticulous, almost unforgiving nature of screen printing. (Below: Jan Burger)

Some students, like Andy Warner, choose to write their bios out (which is still very graphic) and others like 2010 Fellow, Dave Libens, made a comic for his bio.

And Nate Wootters even created a great page spread by designing his screen print and bio to interact with each other.

The end result is an absolutely beautiful book made out of sweat, determination and wee bit of fear. You can download the entire 2010 Facebook here and enjoy all the tremendous talent of the newest set of CCS cartoonists.

-Jen Vaughn


One response to “Facebook 2010 Assignment

  1. Glorious Facebook this year, one and all, and the grand tradition continues!

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