Fantagraphics Ain’t Throwing Just Peanuts

A box arrived at the Schulz Graphic Novel Library with a dizzying amount of books, so heavy that I blacked out and began to see dazzling images.

And then it all started to come into focus…

It was PEANUTS! Charles Schulz, the man our illustrious library is named after, is still garnering a space in our hearts AND bookshelves. Fantagraphics has almost finished printing the entire, complete Peanuts collection. These wonderful tomes filled that heavy box.

As you can see, even the box of books came with some ‘peanuts.’ Our shelf dedicated to the man and books is slowly spilling over in abudance. If you have yet to check out these beautiful books, with Seth as the designer, then you have yet to truly live.

Jen Vaughn

P.S. Let’s just call those flat things ‘momes’ from now on for good measure.


3 responses to “Fantagraphics Ain’t Throwing Just Peanuts

  1. ooo such gorgeous books!

  2. Hot literary hotness!

  3. I’m reading the 65-66 book right now. I’m a few years behind!

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