Softball Sunday!

New Student Orientation at the Center for Cartoon Studies took place this past weekend and we could not be more excited for a whole new class (herd? murder? panel?) of cartoonists.

Aside from learning how to not cut your hands off with our giant paper cutter and how to properly pay for color copies, students both new and returning were asked to join in on the alum-sponsored softball game. (Jon Chad is at bat while Michelle Ollie pitches to Andy Christensen).

School founders James Sturm and Michelle Ollie both have backgrounds in baseball and softball so logically, they headed up the two teams, the Nancys vs. the Little Lulus. (Below, Sturm aggressively stands at the sidelines as third base coach while Nomi Kane and Randall Drew ready themselves for a whopper.)

The game was pretty loose, batting through entire line-ups but that didn’t mean the cartoonists didn’t BRING IT. With a bunch of home runs, line drives and even a double-play, we proved we can play betwixt all sorts of lines, be they panels or the foul lines. (Below, Nate Wootters is about to tag out Brandon Elston, Melanie Gillman watches)

As supreme thanks for all that they do for the cartooning community we gave James the Game Ball and Michelle the Official CCS Batting Helmet complete with student work stickers (more to come!)

The only thing left to do is invite the Kubert School out for some softball and corn dogs. So how about it, guys, are you game?

-Jen Vaughn


One response to “Softball Sunday!

  1. James looks more like a cartoon character than human in that picture. Hilarious!

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