Don Flowers and His Lovely Ladies

A Schulz library favorite and avid patron, Evan Dorkin, recently donated Alex Chun and Jacob Covey’s retrospective book of The GLAMOUR GIRLS of DON FLOWERS (published by Fantagraphics). This thick beauty of a book features work spanning several decades (1940’s-1960’s) and Flower’s duel pen and brush captured all the fashion that lied therein. Flowers gained popularity in newspapers for his gorgeous woman, their cutting edge fashion and high-class life.

Part of the appeal of this strip lies in the fact that just as many jokes are made by women at the expense of men, Flowers made sure of that. As the 60’s pressed on, Flowers strip began to drop from newspapers so he made himself relevant again with the addition of teen humor and even cheeky children.

This is where some of his best work came from.

I, myself, do not draw children often or well so I spent several nights aping Flowers and his thick-legged half-beings.

Nor could I resist the chance to draw a most classy lady, teetering on pencil-thin stilettos doling out the sarcasm. So spend an afternoon and revel in the line work of someone you admire. I know where to look for my favorite: Don Flowers resides happily in the gag section of the Schulz Library.

-Jen Vaughn


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