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Comics about Volunteering: Joe and Azat

Cartoonist Jesse Lonergan donated something very precious to the world and to Turkmenistan. He gave two full years of his life to the country via the Peace Corp program. Through few drawn lines Lonergan creates the most expressive characters. Here we see Joe, the American in glasses, looking for something rather important to any traveler.

The stories are episodic partly gathered from Lonergan’s own experiences while in the country. Azat is Joe’s guide into the world of Turkmen culture and, as it turns out, Joe is Azat’s guide into the world of business. One of my favorite stories is about Azat starting an arcade in his own home. How many of you grew up believing capitalism was the BEST economic system to govern your life without understanding how it worked? Azat’s charming naivete is only outweighed by his sheer enthusiasm and you want, hope and pray he is successful.

Lonergan’s well-balanced page layouts are so effortless you don’t even recognize how masterful he is until you slow down. Sometimes it takes an amazing confluence of story and art to do so, like rarely practiced old customs of bride-stealing or setting yourself on fire to win the woman of your dreams who happens to have a reluctant family:

I asked Lonergan what he brought back with him from Turkmenistan other than memories. He said in Turkmenistan people hang out with each other and garner interest even if they are not similar be it socially, morally or politically. From Lonergan’s life in the US, he observed the opposite, a clumping together of people always sharing the same interests. Lonergan returned with a willingness to meet people who were not necessarily cut from the same cloth and much less likely to “write people off.” And, if you’ll excuse the soap box I’m a-standing on, that is one of the best lessons you can learn while volunteering and in life. Pick up a copy of the excellent comic Joe and Azat by Jesse Lonergan today!

-Jen Vaughn

Library Volunteer Days

Summer days have rarely been hotter in White River Junction, Vermont. The rocks are sizzlin’ and a piece of bristol swells up to the size of a phone book with all the excess humidity! Luckily, the Schulz Library has air conditioning and a chance for students to work with some very amazing books. Every Friday from 2-5pm this summer is Library Volunteer Day and the students, alum and even some faculty (James Sturm and Alec Longstreth) are taking to it with gusto. The first Volunteer day we had six volunteers show up and we processed ~250 books, including the amazing collections below donated by Heidi Macdonald! We hope to see you this Friday for more of the same.

Caboose, The Exhibition

You may have heard of Caboose, the comic.

 But have you heard of Caboose, the exhibition?

Please join us in celebrating Caboose: An Exhibition of Comics About White River Junction.  This exhibition features original artwork from the comics newspaper Caboose, edited by Chuck Forsman and Max de Radigiuès.

Stop by CCS from 5-8pm tonight for our First Friday reception.  Come see how these comics were created and meet the artists who created them.  There will be snacks, music, conversation, comics and plenty of free copies of Caboose to take home.

When you stop by the Caboose exhibit, be sure to visit our neighbors’ First Friday events.  Below you’ll find your complete  guide.

 First Friday, July 2 2010


The Center for Cartoon Studies

94 South Main Street in White River Junction, Vermont

An Exhibition of Comics About White River Junction
July 2nd, 5-8pm
First Friday Reception
The Center for Cartoon Studies


The Schulz Library at The Center for Cartoon Studies

58 Bridge Street in White River Junction, Vermont

Join us this Friday, from 5-8pm, for our First Friday Open House. Browse our unique collection of over 8,000 comics and graphic novels. Comics by our students and alumni will be available for sale, as will our fetching Schulz Library tote bags.

26 North Main Street in White River Junction, Vermont

Open ’til 7pm as always, with a stellar collection of independently designed, contemporary used & vintage apparel… and cheap wine at the ready every First Friday!

Main Street Museum

58 Bridge Street in White River Junction, Vermont

Nick Heyl – Acoustic Folk and Comedy
Friday July 2. 8pm
$8 free for MSM and CCS members, all ages.

Having successfully traveled across the globe with his guitar and keen sense of humor, Nick Heyl is a seasoned veteran of his craft. Combining traditional folk music with original material and comedy, Nick Heyl holds the stage with a warm, personable and compelling presence. As a former member of The Kingston Trio and Rockcastle, Nick has paid his dues as a working musician and now serves up an intimate solo show that is not to be missed.

85 North Main Street in White River Junction, Vermont

Photographs by Andrea Greitzer and Rob Strong
July 2-30
Opening reception July 2nd from 5-8 pm, gallery talk by the artists at 7 pm

Both Greitzer and Strong will be exhibiting photographs of architectural elements and locations, both interiors and exteriors, from their unique perspectives. Andrea Greitzer is interested in the areas of museums that surround art, the beautiful spaces we often ignore on our way to look at something else. Her work captures the light, mood and color of museum spaces around the world. Rob Strong’s photographs of parking lots, industrial facades and metal fabricated structures along America’s highways examine the way man and nature have collaborated, sometimes unwittingly.

Two Rivers Printmaking Studio
85 North Main Street in White River Junction, Vermont

An exhibition of hand-pulled prints by New England artists
Juried by contemporary art dealer Cynthia Reeves

Tip Top Media and Arts Building
85 North Main Street in White River Junction, Vermont

Tip Top Artists invite you to enjoy Open Studio’s from 5 to 8 PM on the First Friday of every month, and also check out the expanded Gallery spaces downstairs in the Tip Top Building.

Upper Valley Food Co-op
193 North Main Street in White River Junction, Vermont

Every First Friday The Upper Valley Food Co-op offers a 5% discount and food samples from 4-6 PM. There is almost always live music.

– Robyn Chapman