Megan Kelso, Louise Nevelson

Yesterday I read an old copy of The Comics Journal (the Schulz Library has a very near-complete run) and enjoyed an interview with a comic hero of mine, Megan Kelso.  the Journal in known for its in-depth interviews, and this one didn’t disappoint.

One point I found interesting was made about was Kelso’s story “Queen of the Black Black”.  At the time of the interview, it was current work and one of her most sophisticated stories.

The character of the queen was inspired by Louise Nevelson, something I never realized before, though I see it clear as day now.

For those unfamiliar, Nevelson was a renown American sculptor.  She is most known for her massive assemblage pieces, made from salvaged wood and usually painted one color.

Royal Tide I by Louise Nevelson

Kelso goes on to describe her approach to story crafting, and some of the challenges faced when one is both a woman and an artist.  She addressed this in “Queen of the Black Black”as well.

To learn more, read the works of Megan Kelso and The Comics Journal issue #216.

– Robyn Chapman


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