The Modern Newsprint Comic

There are comics in your local newspaper. They have been there for a long time. But there are also weird newspaper-shaped comics done in small print runs. These are often free or cost a buck or two. To my knowledge, Paper Rodeo out of Providence, RI were the pioneers of this stolen format. With hand-drawn ads for local businesses, Paper Rodeo ran for 19 issues over five years(2001-2006). PR featured comics and art from mostly Fort Thunder dudes as well as like-minded submitters. Widely admired, it is my belief that PR inspired many to adopt this cheap to fund form. Many similar papers have followed. The Schulz library has a small collection of Paper Rodeo and similar objects. The papers pictured are: Bike Roder, Pizza Wizard, Chimera, Comics Comics, Avengalist.

DC Comics even got into the act with their Wednesday Comics from 2009.

White River Junction, VT has one now. Caboose is a paper filled with stories by cartoonists in White River or by folks who have passed though this tiny town.

Caboose was of course inspired by all these great papers before it but was directly inspired by one out of Montreal called, 48.

48 debuted at Expozine last year and my friend Max de Radigués who co-edited Caboose with myself helped create in about 2 weeks! This inspired me so Max and I teamed up with our sponsor, CCS, and made a paper with lots of awesome help from our friends. Sorry if this sounds like an ad but Caboose is free so I am not making a dime of of it.

Oh, and the comic newspaper is not dead in Providence.  A new publication known as Taffy Hips has been making itself known for the past year and a half.  (full disclosure: the author of this post has a page in the latest issue of Taffy Hips.  Again, I am not getting paid for this)

So I guess the lesson here is this: kids, if you are sick of making mini-comics by hand with staplers and stuff. Just find a printer who can print on newsprint and ask your parents for some money. It’ll be fun, I promise!

-Chuck Forsman


One response to “The Modern Newsprint Comic

  1. Robyn Chapman

    To quote Greg Means: “Free comics is where the money is at!”

    It’s worth mentioning Smoke Signal, put out by Brooklyn’s premiere indy comics shop, Desert Island. I have a feeling Chuck has been in that one too.

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