The World’s Largest Comic Library

I’m mighty proud of The Schulz Library’s collection (8,416 books and counting!)  But when I consider the collection at Michigan State University, I can’t help but commit deadly sin #6: envy.  MSU’s Special Collection Library is the world’s largest public collection of comics (with a quarter million comics and counting!)

Lately I’ve been chatting with Ryan Claytor, a cartoonist and professor at MSU.  Ryan shared this excellent blog post about MSU’s comics collection.

Watch this video tour with Randy Scott,  MSU’s Comics Bibliographer.  To learn more, visit Ryan’s blog.  FYI, Ryan is planning a book tour this summer that will stop at CCS, watch his website for more detail. 

– Robyn Chapman


One response to “The World’s Largest Comic Library

  1. Thanks for the re-post of this, Robyn. Looking forward to seeing you and White River Junction this summer.


    Ryan Claytor

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