Cartoons From the Other White River

My partner Dennis and I just spent a few days in Puerto Rico’s El Yunque Rain Forest (the only tropical rain forest in the USA!)  I thought comics would be the last thing on my mind.  Then I read our driving directions, and things got interesting.

There’s  our exit.  Of course, Rio Blanco means “White River”.  Sadly, Juncos does not mean Junction (it means “Reed”, and is the name of a near-by town).

We spent the next two days exploring the rainforest near the Rio Blanco.  We climbed its rocks and swam under its waterfalls.

 And, we discovered its ancient and mysterious cartoons.

Carved into the rocks of the Rio Blanco are petroglyphs created by the Taíno indians in the pre-Columbian era.  No one knows what they mean (not even Wikipedia).

How many other White Rivers have a cartoon legacy?  Let the search begin!

– Robyn Chapman


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