Hot Off The Presses

What has now become a CCS signature project, The Golden Age assignment, freshman split into four groups (5-6 per group) and produce a full-color comic in two weeks. The comics must conform to specific genres and tone to those that could be found at newsstands in 1952. This project combines comics’ history, production skills, and a punishing deadline. Many all-nighters during these weeks.

This year’s genres were superhero, western, romance, and true crime. Paul Karasik/Alec Longstreth, Jason Lutes, Robyn Chapman, and Steve Bissette served as each title’s respective editor.

CCS faculty is beaming with pride this week as the freshman class delivered the goods this past Tuesday. The level of quality was incredible given the tight turn around. Congrads CCS freshman!

Steve Bissette has a great post about the project here.

— James Sturm


4 responses to “Hot Off The Presses

  1. The second MYRANT post is up, featuring a peek at YOUNG TEMPTATIONS (cover, splash pages, and one tasty tapir ad) — pop over to:

  2. The third MYRANT post on this project is up, offering a step-by-step process of how we did the LADYKILLERS cover art (and more!) —

  3. This look amazing, kudos to the kids for another year of rockin’ Golden Age comics.

  4. Last overview post is up: get a look at the LADYKILLERS:

    The actual comics are in the Schulz Library for cover-to-cover reads, along with last year’s quartet of faux-Golden Age “recreations” of vintage sf, horror, adventure and funny animal pleasures. All worth spending time with!

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