New Books!

In September of 2009, the Center for Cartoon Studies participated in Glory Days, the local railroad festival. The entire town came out to celebrate, be it with bagels, chowder, discount tires, or comics.

The Schulz Library held a book sale and the Center for Cartoon Studies held a mini-convention where students and local cartoonists sold their comics. Professor and cartoonist, Steve Bissette, graced the floors with his presence and new Vermont Monster Guide. Many townspeople of White River Junction wandered in, entranced by our robot statue, Dixie, and the promise of comics. While many thought comics were only for children they soon found that our comics run the gamut from polar bears to caterpillars, herpes to menstruation, glasses to cryptids.

First year student, Lena Chandhok, examines the books for a possible purchase. Funds from the books sale then went towards student recommendations (and wishes) for the Schulz Library. Given the generosity of publishers, writers, cartoonists and local libraries we usually have whatever book the students want, however, we recently recieved the student recommended books bought with our Book Sale funds!

Before I could even finish cataloging our new books, second year student Casey Bohn dug into Fletcher Hanks’ You Shall Die By Your Own Evil Creation (edited by Paul Karasik). Our other new books include: Arguing Comics (with essays by e.e. cummings and Umberto Eco in defense of comics!), Kramer’s Ergot #6, Sandman #8-10, Scott Pilgrim#2 and #5. They will prove to be useful to our current students and future classes. Check your local library to see if they have copies of these wonderful graphic novels and books!

-Jen Vaughn


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  1. Robyn Chapman

    Great pictures!

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