All Across the Ocean

Recently CCS second year student, Kevin Kilgore, embarked on two journeys. First, he and his wife (Nahee) brought a new life into the world. Affectionately called Baby X by his dad’s peers, our new friend accompanied Dad even to the library. And then to Seoul, South Korea.

Kevin spent many years before his time at CCS in Korea and was instrumental in the Korean underground comics movement. Now, his work and many others is featured in Sal 4. He recently sent the Schulz Library a copy of this handsome anthology for future students to enjoy (and it will NOT collect dust!)

Printed in Korean with tiny English subtitles, Kevin’s work is once again available to a wider audience. In this strip, he portrays himself teaching English to Korean children. A student asks for the English equivalent of the words ‘beach’ and ‘horse’ for some compound word fun!

According to Kilgore, she will ‘learn about bitchwhores’ later in in life. Sal 4. features many other talented cartoonists such as Sang-a Oh and her story So, Late. Overall, the stories are range from quiet to narcissistic with many wonderfully poignant moments.

Thank you Kevin, Nahee and Baby X! We cannot wait to see you in June either.

-Jen Vaughn


3 responses to “All Across the Ocean

  1. Robyn Chapman

    Awww! That photo is adorable. Good work Kevin!

  2. I sure wish somebody would have taught me about bitchwhores before it was too late…

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