My Every Single Thought…plus a few more

First off, the last name is said “Mu” as in music and ‘-cha’ as in cha cha cha! Now that we are settled, let’s discuss some quality comics made by Xeric Award winner, Corinne Mucha (My Alaskan Summer). Having emailed Corinne before SPX, I knew that a copy of My Every Single Thought was bound for my hot, little hands. Made with the up-most care while in a whirlwind of depression and singledom, Mucha fully expresses misery, doubt, and sarcasm consistently in a humorous way in her mini-comic.

Despite the incident that inspires this comic, you can feel the hope. Every hatch mark, every letter, every emanata resonates hope within the reader. Maybe this is what truly connects Mucha to her audience, the hidden kernel of hope we dare not speak about in our own time of romantic tragedy. Well, that and the fact that we love to laugh at other people’s pain. Self-deprecation can be tiring but Mucha thoughtfully uses other objects to express her character’s feelings such as these socks:

My single socks were also excited to finally see themselves represented in a comic.

The other mini Mucha handed me was a collection of short comics called Buzz #3. These were also more enchanting auto-biographical stories mixed with surreal fiction, such as the expiration date having an identity crisis or what ‘real’ truly means in our technoingredient-aware present.

These are great stories woven together by a young, masterful cartoonist and we all should look forward to future work by Corinne Mucha.

-Jen Vaughn


4 responses to “My Every Single Thought…plus a few more

  1. Looks like a cool read… now how can I get it?

  2. You can use that hyperlink in the second sentence, click Corinne’s name and go to her ‘shop’ link. Or put this in your browser!

    Happy Shopping!

  3. americus babicus

    🙂 fun

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