A Nancy Up My Sleeve

Recently, James Sturm donated his own homemade Nancy deck to the Schulz Library . A hundred or so of Nancy panels by Ernie Bushmiller that may be used for Five-Card Nancy. You hand out a pile of say, five, cards to two-five players or teams. Provide the teams with a sheet numbering 1-6, each number corresponding to the Scott McCloud panel-to-panel transitions. Rolling a 1 is a moment to moment, a 2 is action to action, and so on. Lay down a random card for each team that functions as the first panel, have them roll the die and lay down a card that makes sense with the die number and in sequence with the previous panel(s). If there is no card that makes sense in your hand, you can return one card to the bottom of the deck and take a new one from the top. The strip ends when you/your team decides the gag has ended.

Kids from my cartooning class at the craft center play Five-Card Nancy.

I played it by myself and here is my strip: Can you figure out my panel to panel transitions?

Want to play yourself? Go to your local library, photograph panels from Nancy and get to work on your own deck!

-Jen Vaughn


3 responses to “A Nancy Up My Sleeve

  1. you might also want to link scott’s page about 5 card nancy… 🙂


    great writeup! awesome looking deck!

  2. Thanks, Cat. I meant to do that!

    The deck has little Nancy faces on the back of the cards, tre cute.

  3. utterly awesome

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