24-Hour Comics Across the World

CCS is fortunate to have a comics history teacher who has played a key role in contemporary comics history. Steve Bissette’s collaborative work helped launch the DC Vertigo Line, he helped shape the Creator’s Bill of Rights, and his anthology Taboo was the first to serialize From Hell and Lost Girls (among other titles). But, did you know he also prompted the invention of the international phenomena, the 24-hour comic?

Scott McCloud created the 24-hour comic to challenge Steve to produce comics faster. Steve’s work is lush and painstaking, and his approach to cartooning is difficult to rush. As Steve has put it “It took me six weeks to draw a monthly issue of Swamp Thing – you do the math”.

Scott McCloud did the first 24-hour comic on August 31 1990, to prove it could be done. Steve met the same challenge a week later.

In the last 19 years, cartoonists all over the world have met this challenge. On May 23rd, Grand Papier coordinated an international 24-hour comic event. Cartoonists from Brussels, Beirut, Paris, Montreal, and yes, White River Junction simultaneously drew for 24 hours.

Cartoonists hard at work. Photo by Penina Gal.

Check out the fruit of their labors, including Don’t Hate, Menstruate by CCS student (and librarian at the Schulz Library!) Jen Vaughn.



And don’t miss Max de Radiguès’ 24-hour comic, Punk is Dead. Max is a member of Grand Papier, and he helped coordinate the event from Brussels. Max is also CCS’s 2009 fellow! We look forward welcoming Max to America and White River Junction’s blossoming comics community.



– Robyn Chapman


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