I Heart Virginia Lee Burton


I just wrote a short essay/slide show appreciation about one of my favorite artists, Virginia Lee Burton.  It’s up here at Double X (no , not a porn site but rather Slate’s new women-centered web site).

CCS has been doing more curriculum involving childrens books and this is one section of the library that will grow quickly over the next year.

— James Sturm


4 responses to “I Heart Virginia Lee Burton

  1. Great slideshow James! The Virginia Lee Burton exhibit we saw really knocked my socks off – thanks for setting it up.

  2. Ah, children’s books and graphic novels — a long, tangled history, but a lovely tapestry worth meditating over. We’ll dance on this one.

  3. I heart Virginia Lee Burton, too!! I also heart the Center for Cartoon Studies and although I no longer call Vermont home, I’m so happy to see your organization flourishing. Outstanding!

  4. My God– THANK YOU, James! I will definitely be bookmarking that link and checking it out.

    Ms. Burton’s “Katy and the Big Snow” was my hands-down favorite book when I was little, and I still love it to this day. The way she used the negative space was phenomenal … it wasn’t blank, it was snow! Add in all the interesting border details, and to a little girl growing up in Alaska it was a slam dunk. ❤

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