Daily Archives: 05/24/2009



Last weekend I attended the Maine Comics Art Festival in Portland.  Our table was right next to another CCS alum, Sam Gaskin.  Sam is one of my favorite cartoonists period.  At the show he had a new book called Sugarcube.  This book is about a guy who finds out he has diabetes and how his life changes and how he perceives everything around him because of this new situation.  Sugarcube cleverly lays out small stories that linger with you.  It’s good art.  Great art.  I’m nobody but this is my favorite book right now.  If you are not Familiar with Sam’s work, he is the creator of Fatal Faux-Pax(published last year by Secret Acres) and the Xeric-winning Pizza Wizard.  Those works genius in their own right but Sugarcube is dancing on a different floor.  It’s drawn in a spare style that is not Gaskin’s usual style but it certainly applies here.  I love this book.  I just wish the library had a copy…

-chuck forsman