Daily Archives: 05/12/2009

The Young Al Jaffee


This donation caught my eye last week. Published in 1947 when Stan was only 25, Secrets Behind the Comics is written like an e-mail WITH TOO MANY CAPS!!  The book is illustrated by Ken Bald and it was this portrait of  Al Jaffee that I really enjoyed seeing.


Al is currently working on a memoir (with writer Mary-Lou Weisman) about his childhood in Eastern Europe. At age six, Al was taken to Lithuania with his brothers. It’s a harrowing tale that would have scarred lesser men for the rest of their lives. This is a side of Al people haven’t seen yet and it’s inspiring to see him still going strong. Below is a colored sample that was created for the book proposal (though I believe all the final art will be in black and white).

— James Sturm